You know too much.

Updated: Feb 10

So I recently had it pointed out to me that I have a habit of doing too much research, I focus too much on knowing the facts rather than focusing on the evoked emotion. Clearly this is going to impact my work in quite the negative way, so what am I going to do about that?

Okay, time to rewire. new start and fresh ideas, out with the old and in with the new way of thinking. Or at least a tester to see how it goes, Part of me wants to protect my way of doing things, I have the old artist mind of "that's my process and style". Isn't that just a cop out though, a cop out for fear of change? Surely as a creative its supposed to be my thing to embrace change.

Anyway, less of the existential crisis. Procrastination at its finest there, Lets get on with action.

Cue google image search with obscure parameters. I began the search with 'moody old photographs' non specific, but still specific. After around thirty minutes of deep image delving I came across this shot.

It drew my eye instantly, the Noir feel, the almost horrifically romanticised or maybe just sublime composition. Don't even start me on the amazing light play, the way the light source sits perfectly between the trees, casting beautiful harsh long shadows both on the model and the surroundings. It also perfectly silhouettes the model.

My instant thought was that it could be something from a movie, I get the sense of something along the lines of Wothering Heights, The Exorcist or some form of Hammer Horror still.

L'homme qui court, Paris, 1953

I am going to be long reading this image, I have a copy in the front of one of my notes book. In the feint hope that seeing it all the time and without actually intensely studying it, I may have some deeper observations and epiphanies.


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