Skin Softening

This week I was fortunate enough to have been given the perfect recipe for skin softening. All too often when attempting to soften the pores or blemishes someone may have asked you to remove, you end up with a bit of a fairy tale look, bit blurry and not must texture to their face. Now as someone who LOVE'S definition, that just will not do!

However, when I was handed the Recipe all those old habits got thrown out the window.

Who knew that by making it look like a hot mess at the begining of editing you could end up with something like this;

The model in the image had began to suffer an allergic reaction on the day of the shoot, his face, neck and arm was quite blotchy and covered in tiny bumps. This resulted in him loving the image but not how he appeared in it. So to editing it went.

I'm actually super happy with the results and i'm currently waiting on the models permission to release the original, as soon as i get that ill post it up and you will see the huge difference this recipe makes.

In the mean time, try it yourself and get some amazing results.

The Recipe

Skin/Blemish Softening Recipe


1.Copy [portrait] layer.

2.Choose Overlay to mix layers.

3.Invert the [copy] layer.

4.Apply a Highpass filter

5.Apply a Gaussian Blur filter

you are now looking for the overall naturalness of the skin texture.

6.Add a reverse Layer Mask and paint back in the areas of skin you want to soften and smooth.

7.Reduce the Fill of the layer to fine-tune the naturalness of the effect.Try 80% as a starting point.

Recipe By A. Tonks, BSOA, Blackpool.


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