Revoe - The Ignition of a passion.

Since September of last year I've been following and supporting a local Lottery funded organisation, Revoelution. A community focused approach to enriching the lives of the residents and creating a friendly welcoming environment in Central Blackpool. After witnessing how much they do to support and enrich the lives of others, I had to get on board.

I have been covering quite a bit of their photography for events, events such as the Revoe Christmas Lights switch on. I had the opportunity to not only capture such an amazingly well put together event, but also get to know the residents. Every single one of them holds a place in my heart, their stories, passion and determination blows me away every day. I also managed to practice my team management skills as I had the assistance of two up and coming Photographic artists, J&G You were amazing!

Here's a few from the Switch on.

So why am I posting about this now? you ask, I've been reflecting, looking at all my images and trying to fathom what drives me, what brings me true joy in my craft, what do I get the biggest buzz out of doing. Well, this is it, every single one of the times I've captured a moment in Revoe, I look back and remember the story, the reason and the emotions. So yeah, I like making memories both as a physical copy and in the mind.

I mean what IS a photograph? To me at least, its more than just a blend of colours on a sheet of paper or on a screen. It's more than just millions of tiny pixels joining hands to create a person (although I do like that concept....One for the bank haha!). It's about the capturing of a memory, the full sensory memory. Not just the image, the representation of a moment just passed, but also all those emotions and senses that go along with it.

Like the last image above, I see the joy and pure happiness on her face, All the effort they put in, and they pulled it off! kind of thing. This image, it's about the atmosphere the ambience and their community spirit. At the time I edited these images, I was still very much in auto mode, editing to my eye and focusing on the getting it done and not the why do I do that?. Looking back now and taking in what I've learnt, I think I may have cracked it. Majority if not all of this shoot had its contrast increased as well as the vibrancy. Some images had colour balance changed too, all to one outcome. I used to say POP. " I like my images to POP" really what I should have been saying is, in order to recreate the atmosphere of that night I need to make it as vibrant as that night. Colour plays a huge part in the evocation of emotion within images, the models were already bright and colourful, Well at that point its a no brainer here really isn't it?


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