Photoshop frustration.

Updated: Jan 31

So for three hours I have been smudging and blending, yet still I cannot get this image perfect!

This has now become, after a total of 6 hours of editing my arch enemy. Yes, it will get finished, when? I don't know.

The start of this monster creation began with this image:

Hourglass, Fervent Illusions 2019

Taken from one of my many recent studio still life shoots, but I wasn't completely happy with how this came out. I began editing, then the usual creative flare hit me, and so began my search on Adobe Stock.

I began thinking about how space and time intertwine, that and I've been doing some research on NASA's most recent camera deployment technology. Of course this meant it had to be space themed (unfortunately I haven't been to space myself, I missed that particular trip so sadly lost that photo op 😂 )

After around an hour of searching, downloading samples and editing with the words ADOBE STOCK written all over them, I finally settled on this image:

Image & rights purchased via Adobe Stock.

Then the ensuing task of getting it PERFECT! One of my downfalls in Photoshop and one I intend to fix, is blending layers, my edges always come out off, rough and honestly looking fake. I've smudged, feathered, blended and masked and still they look...poop.

so here lays the remnants of what I thought was a wicked idea, but; I will return oh great evil, I WILL make you perfect... one day.

The great EVIL.


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