Manchester and Excavating the Reno

Updated: Jan 31

On Monday I was on a collaboration trip to Manchester, this gave me the opportunity to get some not so bad shots. Honestly they aren't my best but the experience in itself was amazing. First off we hit Nexus, the Zine library.

There were many interesting aspects to capture there, the artsy vibe you get as soon as you walk in the place made me feel very at home. Many of the above images are unedited.

The nexus to me shrieks acceptance, an urge to help, support and guide. Somewhere everyone gets to be themselves, I felt this really tied in with the topic of the Reno.

No words are required here, especially if you read how powerful their poems truly are.

Books piled high, words written in their thousands, tears shed in the moments and moments kept forever.

The Zine library, the spoken word has always ranked high on my creative outlet. The written word gives you 2+2, where as photography can give you the =4 p.s Sorry T!

Street! so I'm slowly building up confidence in this area of photography, I absolutely adore being out in the street with my camera, portraiture in the that still needs some work, for now my creative eye will just have to be let loose on more unsuspecting models.

To the Whitworth!.......LINDA! LINDA!


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