Updated: Jan 31

So this evening I had the pleasure of going to Lightpool with the better half, so we may have missed the carnival due to me getting so wrapped up in the Winter Gardens but hey when a photographer gets wrapped up its hard to pull them away right?

The Sun's corona,

The issues I had to overcome in this shoot were:

*Public attraction, this meant I had a lot of shots of people walking half in to frame and half out. Whilst yes; when using slow shutter this gave some quite eerie effects, it was not what I wanted to capture.

*The model of the Sun appeared to be made of a canvass like fabric that was stitched together, this meant that when upping contrast to gather those beautiful little details, it did bring out the seams where it had been stitched together.

*Additional lighting in the background of shots (fire escapes) these whilst necessary really have a habit of ruining my photography day. Especially in low light rooms, they just pop up and stay there. Thanks Photoshop for giving me the clone stamp!

*The sheer amount of people who HAD to have an image of them holding the sun.....OK i sound pretentious as hell now.

Slow shutter spinning

To create this image, I had to use my tripod, well not completely as id left my shoe at home :( but i still managed to use it as a guide line :) F/4.5, 8 sec exposure, ISO 200. Edited in order to show the silhouette of the attendees but no detail as it blurred due to exposure time. Next time id take a fast shutter speed images and layer that and the slow shutter sun together. or multiple at different focus lengths then focus stack.

More images taken, I've really enjoyed editing these on Photoshop, having a subject that has ever changing properties the you can really play about with has been more than enjoyable. Even gave me the opportunity to play with colour washers and colour balance.


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