Collaboration doesn't mean extra effort.

Updated: Jan 31

So since my last update I've spent a fair bit of time editing and trying to finish off the write up's. Not going to lie its been hard, so having the odd bit of a creative break helped ease a tiring mind.

Fortunately my partner is also studying his degree, in English. The current topic he's trying to master is poetry, something he never thought his strong-suit. Well by the amount of poems that have called out to me I think he may have been a tad wrong haha!

I have so far completed three pieces with him, this one being my favourite.

Bugger the Empat Empat, By Mark Morton 2019.

To create the overall look I managed to find a DRM free image of of Chiron and Achilles from the Basilica in Herculaneum. I found this on an educational resource site that i still use from time to time.

Chiron and Achilles

I then attempted to clear up the image a little, this meant a lot of colour balancing and playing with the levels quite a bit. After some time I finally found the style that would ideally suit the theme that we both discussed in the planning phase. The idea was to try to take a bit of a punk spin on literature and attempt to show that "guess what? working class aint' so dumb"

In order to not remove attention from the words, I changed the image to black and white, after messing with the overall colour balance i finally found tones that complemented each other. Now came the next task of getting such a small Image to stay as a minor focus whilst still managing to convey meaning. So it was decided that overlaying the words on-top of the image as we have previously done, would not be beneficial to this project. In order to capture the full punk F* you Vibe both the words AND the image had to stand out in their own right.

So after some cloning, blending and editing the final piece was done.


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