Black and White, more than just two colours.

Today's exercise is black and white, many feel that black and white is just that, only black and white however, todays session shows that actually its a lot todo with colour.

Then with a simple layer adjustment (adding a black and white adjustment layer) we can turn him into many forms of the same person.

The man got a taaaaan!

The blue filter, creates an almost over tanned look to the model, due to how the colour blue effects the balance of other colours it has made his lanyard quite pale in colour, there isn't much differentation between the colours on his top and it causes a bit of overcast in the skin tone.

When we use the 'Darker' filter it actually comes out a little lighter than the blue. It's kept the overall colour definition but it's not exactly pleasing to the eye for me. His lanyard is more believably blue (in the tone of grey that has been used). I like it, but it's not for me. Not this time anyway.

With the 'Green' filter, we see another drop in skin tone, it becoming ever more lighter than the pervious filter. Makes him look a little washed out, too light and not enough definition on the skin.

"I been spending' a lot o' timedownt mine"

So, I think we can ascertain that the high contrast blue Is NOT the one for Da Man, burnt to a crisp springs to mind.



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